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Panelists discuss cleanweb opportunities.
January 06, 2016

Cleanweb, a Great Opportunity for Massachusetts

On November 19, MassCEC hosted the first ever Boston Cleanweb Tech Night, bringing together seasoned cleantech and tech professionals and those interested in getting into the cleanweb sector to showcase exciting opportunities in cleanweb and cleantech. The evening began with time for networking... READ THE FULL POST

November 13, 2015

MassCEC to Host Cleanweb Tech Night

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday, November 19, at our first ever Boston Cleanweb Tech Night. This event is part of our ongoing Cleanweb Meetup Series that started following this year’s Cleanweb Hackathon back in April. One main objective of MassCEC’s Cleanweb programming has... READ THE FULL POST

October 20, 2015

Saving the Environment, One 390-Mile Journey at a Time

What’s the best way to get from Bar Harbor, Maine to Boston? By BIKE of course! Last month, MassCEC’s Lisa Dobbs and Anna Stern biked 390 miles through scenic Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts as part of the “Climate Ride Northeast.” Dobbs, Stern and their 117 fellow riders raised over $424,... READ THE FULL POST

September 18, 2015

Solar Electricity Prices Continue Significant Descent

The eighth edition of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s Tracking the Sun report, released last month, reflects rapidly falling solar photovoltaic (PV) prices in 2014 that are consistent with previous years’ trends and seem on track... READ THE FULL POST

September 04, 2015

City of Gardner Receives Grant for New Turbine

One of the challenges of implementing renewable energy is ensuring consistent energy availability. Wind speeds are not always fast enough for turbines to generate energy, and solar PV panels can only generate electricity when the sun is shining. Numerous solutions are in the works, from batteries... READ THE FULL POST

August 21, 2015

InnovateMass Awardee Developing High-Durability Turbine

Emily Izzo, Project Administrator for IIS The drive out to Hadley on a balmy summer morning is lovely – the bucolic scenery, fresh air and occasional tractor on the Pike are quite the treat for the InnovateMass team from Boston, and it’s almost tempting to call it a day at 9:30 am and simply open... READ THE FULL POST

August 18, 2015

Drinking Water Concerns: More Than Just Scarcity

Ben Goossen, Business Development Fellow Someone once said, “Highways are the cathedrals of our time.” While the truth of that statement is easy to recognize, there is perhaps an equally impressive infrastructural undertaking lying hidden beneath our feet.  More than 1 million miles of... READ THE FULL POST

August 04, 2015

Mass Solar Connect Hits 1 MW Milestone

Maya Gilchrist, Solar Incentive Program Fellow Thanks to a total of 141 participants, MassCEC’s Mass Solar Connect pilot program has surpassed 1 Megawatt of contracted solar energy capacity. Education, outreach and community organizing have... READ THE FULL POST

July 27, 2015

Building 36 Technologies: Helping to Grow the Clean Energy Workforce

Lindsay Martinez, Workforce Development Fellow MassCEC’s Internship Program broke records this summer session, placing 244 interns at 152 companies. The program provides the clean energy community with a... READ THE FULL POST

July 15, 2015

Tesla: Now Powering Your Home

Lila Sevener, Solar Fellow It is well known that the sun supplies significantly more than the amount of energy needed to power the Earth. In fact, the sun’s rays hitting the Earth continuously provide over 35,000 times... READ THE FULL POST