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January 12, 2017

2016 Massachusetts Clean Energy Industry Report Released

On a chilly December morning in Charlestown, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center released its 2016 Annual Clean Energy Industry Report. The clean energy sector in Massachusetts has seen strong growth over the last year.  The Commonwealth hit a significant milestone this year, as it surpassed 100... READ THE FULL POST

January 06, 2017

MassCEC places 2,000th Intern

While many were focusing on 2017, MassCEC was focusing on the number 2,000. As of yesterday, 2,000 interns have been placed in MassCEC’s award winning Clean Energy Internship Program! From... READ THE FULL POST

January 06, 2017

DeployMass Expo had something for everyone

Last month in the MassCEC office, the DeployMass Expo was in full swing. With nine companies in attendance and over 50 public sector representatives, each individual in that room was looking for something different. The companies showcasing their technologies were looking for projects to undertake... READ THE FULL POST

January 06, 2017

Over 100 students attend Clean Energy Symposium

It’s not often that clean energy is the focus of an entire day, but the 2016 Student Clean Energy Symposium was able to make this happen for over 100 students and 20 clean energy employers on Friday, December 2. The morning of the Symposium kicked off with a welcome from MassCEC CEO Stephen Pike... READ THE FULL POST

January 06, 2017

Floatovoltaics: Making a Splash in the Solar Industry

As solar energy becomes increasingly popular, there effectively becomes less space to install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Finding technically viable site locations for projects that require large amounts of space without encroaching on surrounding communities continues to challenge the solar... READ THE FULL POST

Solarize Natick Residents
November 10, 2016

Natick Wraps-Up Highly Successful Solarize Mass Campaign

It may seem like the sun shines brighter in the Town of Natick, due to the recent surge of solar installations that have been appearing on residential rooftops. As part of MassCEC’s Solarize Mass program, Natick will be adding 156 installations totaling 1.2 MW of solar electricity to the... READ THE FULL POST

National Ad Campaign photo
September 20, 2016

Best if Used

Forty percent. That’s the amount of food wasted in the U.S. each year. That’s two out of the five bananas that you bought this week at the market. That’s getting 7 eggs when you really bought a dozen. Food waste is an epidemic of two issues: The first, is the obvious – waste! Awareness and action... READ THE FULL POST

Hydrogen fueling demonstration
September 12, 2016

Hydrogen Fueling: A Driving Force of the Future

A sunny day in Billerica, Massachusetts was punctuated with enthusiastic conversations about hydrogen fuel cells. While this may seem like a strange combination, it was far from foreign to the MassCEC employees who attended a demonstrative fueling of a fuel cell-powered car at a Nuvera station... READ THE FULL POST

August 29, 2016

MassCEC Helps Electric Airplane Company Take Flight

From golf-carts to cars, electric drivetrain technology has steadily climbed the ranks of the transportation market. Now, it is set to reach new heights above the clouds. On August 2, MassCEC and the Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center (MTTC) awarded $40,000... READ THE FULL POST

MassChallenge Logo
August 09, 2016

MassChallenge Finalists to Keep an Eye On

Massachusetts is home to thousands of startup companies, many of whom got their start in Accelerator programs such as MassChallenge. These programs – ranging from mentorships, access to manufacturing and co-working space, to meetings with investors and potential customers – quite literally... READ THE FULL POST