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Solarize Natick Residents
February 10, 2017

Natick Wraps-Up Highly Successful Solarize Mass Campaign

It may seem like the sun shines brighter in the Town of Natick, due to the recent surge of solar installations that have been appearing on residential rooftops. As part of MassCEC’s Solarize Mass program, Natick will be adding 156 installations totaling 1.2 MW of solar electricity to the... READ THE FULL POST

National Ad Campaign photo
February 10, 2017

Best if Used

Forty percent. That’s the amount of food wasted in the U.S. each year. That’s two out of the five bananas that you bought this week at the market. That’s getting 7 eggs when you really bought a dozen. Food waste is an epidemic of two issues: The first, is the obvious – waste! Awareness and action... READ THE FULL POST

Hydrogen fueling demonstration
February 10, 2017

Hydrogen Fueling: A Driving Force of the Future

A sunny day in Billerica, Massachusetts was punctuated with enthusiastic conversations about hydrogen fuel cells. While this may seem like a strange combination, it was far from foreign to the MassCEC employees who attended a demonstrative fueling of a fuel cell-powered car at a Nuvera station... READ THE FULL POST

February 10, 2017

MassCEC Helps Electric Airplane Company Take Flight

From golf-carts to cars, electric drivetrain technology has steadily climbed the ranks of the transportation market. Now, it is set to reach new heights above the clouds. On August 2, MassCEC and the Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center (MTTC) awarded $40,000... READ THE FULL POST

MassChallenge Logo
February 10, 2017

MassChallenge Finalists to Keep an Eye On

Massachusetts is home to thousands of startup companies, many of whom got their start in Accelerator programs such as MassChallenge. These programs – ranging from mentorships, access to manufacturing and co-working space, to meetings with investors and potential customers – quite literally... READ THE FULL POST

CRMC Bioenergy Facility Generalized Process Flows
February 10, 2017

This Pilot Has Taken Off

It’s always great to hear about a “pilot” project that not only proves out its hypotheses, but exceeds expectations and lays the groundwork for a full-scale facility.  That’s been the case for the pilot anaerobic digester, developed by Massachusetts-based CRMC Bioenergy, LLC at the Greater New... READ THE FULL POST

MassCEC's InnovateMass program
February 10, 2017

The Path to Innovation

Often, the biggest obstacle startups face when it comes to commercialization is knowing where to look for funding. Good news — MassCEC is here to help, through its InnovateMass program! Since the program launched four years ago, MassCEC has invested nearly $2.2 million in cleantech innovation,... READ THE FULL POST

UMass Lowell comes in second place at the DOE Collegiate Wind Competition
February 10, 2017

An Air Force: UMass Lowell Takes Second at DOE Collegiate Wind Competition

To use the common phrase, necessity is the mother of invention. That, plus plenty of funding, as any entrepreneur well knows. So it’s not too surprising to realize how many everyday products permeating our society were initially the results of government-funded military innovation. We find them on... READ THE FULL POST

UltraCell Insulation
February 10, 2017

InnovateMass: Promoting Innovation, with Impressive Results

Every year, the InnovateMass team at MassCEC awards grants of up to $150,000 to innovative technology companies in the cleantech or water tech space. These grants allow companies, like UltraCell Insulation, to further develop and test their technology in the field. Ranging from state-of-the-art,... READ THE FULL POST

All-Weather Solar Cell
February 10, 2017

Clean Energy, Rain or Shine: The All-Weather Solar Cell

Scientists in Qindao, China have made an exciting clean energy breakthrough by designing a solar cell that can generate energy from raindrops! In the recently published edition of the Angewandte Chemie Journal, the... READ THE FULL POST