April 12, 2017

MAtCH: Swiss Incubator ready for Top MA Startups

Rachel Beck, Workforce Development Fellow

Do you or anyone in your network know a start-up that would like to travel abroad and become immersed in Europe’s advanced cleantech ecosystem? Look no further than Switzerland, as MAtCH is the program for you.

While a major effort at MassCEC is to grow the economy in Massachusetts through clean energy initiatives, we also aim to help companies in the Commonwealth expand their business network globally. MAtCH is a pilot program that allows cleantech start-ups from Massachusetts to travel to Switzerland for up to three months to gain direct access to experts and individuals in Europe’s advanced cleantech sector. The program also aims to allow start-ups to explore new markets, seek technology partners, attract investment, conduct customer discovery, and potentially open foreign headquarters. Participating start-ups will receive complimentary membership at a Swiss incubator; ImpactHub, located in Zürich, Bern, Geneva, or Univercité in Lausanne, and will also win a grant of up to $5,000 for housing and transportation costs.

Why Switzerland? Switzerland has been a leader of the Global Innovation Index since 2011, and hosts world class research institutions. It is a country known for outstanding cleantech innovation, such as public transportation, waste management, and the first energy self-sufficient multi-family dwelling. As a whole, the Swiss ecosystem is known to support entrepreneurs and has strong access to innovative enterprises and public R&D facilities.

This grant will only be awarded to cleantech start-ups. Application domains include but are not limited to renewable energy, energy conservation, alternative fuels, clean drinking water, wastewater management, waste management, and green infrastructure. The program will run for up to three months between June and December 2017, as decided upon approval. There will be two mandatory check-in meetings with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) upon arrival and mid-term, as well as a final report and debrief with SFOE at the close of the term.

Start-ups interested in participating in MAtCH should submit this application form. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until Thursday, April 13th 2017.

Good luck!