Advancing Commonwealth Energy Storage (ACES)

As part of the Baker-Polito Administration’s Energy Storage Initiative (“ESI”), the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) and Department of Energy Resources (DOER) are seeking proposals for energy storage demonstration projects as part of the ACES program.

These projects are aimed at piloting innovative, broadly-replicable energy storage use cases/business models with multiple value streams in order to prime Massachusetts for increased commercialization and deployment of storage technologies.

The ACES Program will help direct the Commonwealth’s first substantial investments in energy storage projects that demonstrate the benefits of storage to Massachusetts ratepayers and the electric grid, and will provide awards up to $1.25 million per project.

Who’s Eligible?

The ACES Program will provide grants to entities to enable the installation of commercially viable energy storage technologies across a range of use cases, including those identified in the State of Charge report.

Successful applicants will propose projects that demonstrate the multiple benefits of energy storage (including those listed in the State of Charge report), showcase examples of future storage deployment in Massachusetts, help to grow the state’s energy storage economy, and contribute to Massachusetts’ continued clean energy innovation leadership.

MassCEC released a Request for Expressions of Interest survey to potential ACES applicants seeking additional applicant team members. A response to this survey is not required to submit a proposal to the ACES RFP. Responses are posted to the MassCEC website.

For full eligibility criteria, please refer to the ACES solicitation

How Do I Apply?

The completed Application, including all required documentation, must be submitted to “ACES Program Application” must appear in the email subject line. Please refer to the ACES solicitation and application materials for more detail on required documentation.

Completed Applications must be received by 4:00 PM EST on June 09, 2017.


MassCEC will also be holding an informational webinar on Wednesday, April 5th at 2:00pm. Register here

Can a company that originated or has offices outside of Massachusetts apply to ACES?

Applicant and applicant team may be located outside of Massachusetts, however, the demonstration host site(s) must be located in Massachusetts.

What types of energy storage technologies are eligible to apply?

Energy storage systems encompass technologies that store electrical energy or thermal energy and produce electricity or heating/cooling respectively when needed, as defined in the Energy Diversity Bill.

What is the cost-share requirement?

Applicants must provide project cost-share in the amount equal to at least 50% of the total project budget.

How long do I have to complete the project?

Projects awarded under the ACES Program must be commissioned, interconnected, and able to provide operational data within 18 months of contracting with MassCEC.

Will project-related submissions be entered into the public record, subject to Chapter 66 of the Massachusetts General Laws?

Yes. However, the contract to be entered into between MassCEC and each Awardee will address maintaining the confidentiality of any proprietary information that the Awardee may provide MassCEC, subject in all cases to the limitations set forth in Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 23J, Section 2(k).

Program Background

In 2015, the Baker-Polito Administration announced a two-phase, $10 million dollar Energy Storage Initiative (“ESI”). The ESI aims to advance the energy storage segment of the Massachusetts clean energy industry by expanding storage technology markets, assigning value to storage benefits, accelerating the development of storage technologies, and attracting and supporting energy storage companies throughout the Commonwealth.

In the first phase of this initiative, MassCEC partnered with DOER on an energy storage study – State of Charge - to obtain a broad view of energy storage technologies that will inform future policy and programs.

In the second phase of this initiative, energy storage demonstration projects will be solicited through this ACES RFP with the design of this RFP informed by recommendations from the Study. This RFP aims to fulfill the Administration’s commitment to promote energy storage across the Commonwealth.

Program Contact

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

For questions related to the ACES RFP or the application process, please contact


For general questions related to MassCEC’s energy storage activities, please contact


Karen Kao